Vale Medical Esthetics was founded to provide people from all stages and walks of life a chance at enhancing themselves with our affordable FDA-approved technology, and medical-grade aesthetic treatments.

Each one of us is beautiful in different ways, and we are here to enhance your best features to make you look and feel your best with our effective and non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Knowing that you look great, and have taken good care of your appearance, will indefinitely strengthen your confidence and make you feel great too. A good appearance also shows that you respect yourself. When people see that, they feel respect for you too.

When you feel great, you are empowered, and you’ll only attract positivity. At Vale Medical Aesthetics, we are committed to bringing out that positivity in you, and helping you achieve your dream results.

Pre/Post-Graduation? First Interview? First Job? First date? Engagement? Pre-wedding? Pre/Post-Natal? Retirement?


No matter which journey of life you are at.

We do not believe in accepting one’s skin/body condition just because of age. Aging is a fact of life, but looking your age is not.

Together with Vale Esthetics - our premium medi-aesthetics and wellness wing, we offer end-to-end solutions for Face, Skin and Body Care.

If you’re wondering why we offer both medi-aesthetics and medical aesthetics, that is because they complement each other to bring out the best in you.

Medi-facials maintain your skin health regularly by thorough cleansing through exfoliation and extraction which is not achievable through Medical Aesthetics. Medical aesthetic procedures enhance your skin and facial features through Botox, fillers, thread-lift, skin boosters, which are strong and intense, and cannot be done regularly.

Say “VALE” to becoming the best version of yourself today.

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